Cross Country 2017/2018


The dates (venues to be confirmed) for the season 2017-2018 are as follows:

2017 LSAA XC

Race 1:        Saturday 4th   November 2017       Middleton Park       

Race 2:        Saturday 25th   November 2017     Prince Henry's, Otley (Wharfe Meadows)

Parking for this venue may well be an issue. Will Schools try to organise a minimum number of cars

 ie. doubling up on lifts and using minibuses where possible.


Race 3:        Saturday  13th  January 2018   Corpus Christi (High Schools Trial) + U9 & U11 races

Race 4:        Wednesday  14th March 2018       Middleton Park   (1st Race: 4pm)  

For other information contact:

See League Details (below) for more information and an entry form.